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  1. Buffy's Brewery
  2. Mardle Hall
  3. Rectory Road
  4. Tivetshall St. Mary
  5. Norwich
  6. NR15 2DD
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A mixed case of our favourite Buffy's beers - Norwegian Blue, Bitter, Polly's Folly, and Mucky Duck.

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Mucky Duck

For all dark ale lovers.

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Polly's Folly

Packed with fresh flowery aromas.

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Welcome to Buffy's Brewery

Buffy's Brewery founded by Roger Abrahams and Julie Savory produced its first beers in 1993 and takes its name from a well-known and revered former resident of the 15th century Mardel Hall, home of the brewery.

Over the last few years demand has increased beyond the local free trade and the business has expanded, increasing production to offer a wider range of quality products to the free trade and the home drinker.

Buffy's beers have won numerous awards at local and national level establishing Buffy's as one of the leading micro brewers in the UK.

Buffy's beers are made with the very best East Anglian malted barley, choicest hops and water from the local borehole on Pulham Market airfield, which incidentally, was home to the famous WW1 airships the R33 & R34 which were locally known as as the Pulham Pigs.

Buffy's never compromises on quality and the highest standards are assured for the discerning home drinker with every pint of beer flowing from the brew house. Available in numerous discerning pubs, the beers are available to the home drinker looking for an alternative to the mass brands of fizz in cans and bottles that can be purchased cheaply from supermarkets.

The full range of Buffy's ales can be bought in sizes ranging from, a 500ml bottle, sold in cases of twelve, 9pint mini kegs, 18 and 36pint beer boxes and 72 pint casks. All containers are easy to set up and being 'real ale' the beer must be allowed to settle for approximately 24 hours before serving and for the ultimate drinking experience a cool but not chilled temperature is best at dispense point.

The natural yeasts in the beer will over the settling time drop to the bottom but continue to produce carbon dioxide, which gives the beer its natural carbonation and condition without the need for preservatives and chemicals.

Once opened the beer will remain fresh and in prime drinking condition for up to 14 days for you to enjoy.

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