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Herbalist's Kitchen Organic Olive Oil & Thyme

This Gourmet herb product is ideal for adding to salad dressings, soups, stews, roasted root vegetables or simply eat off the spoon! This distinctively tasting thyme puts bio-chemistry and flavour back into any dish. Pleasing to the taste buds, it invigorates and eases as a friend to the lungs and throat.

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By choosing non watered olive trees, a country with high sunshine levels and ensuring only stone ground processing techniques are used ñ this means that nutrients abound in the oil. Let's now scrutinize the health qualities that lie in the small black olives themselves. Being black means that flavanoids (anti-oxidants) are naturally present in large amounts (Black, purple, red, organge and yellow plant colours always denote high flavonoid levels.) Contains: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (cold pressed), Organic Thyme.