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Herbalist's Kitchen Lemon & Artichoke Concentrate

This food concentrate is in the old European tradition of 'bitters', and gives a pleasant 'kick'. For those who like cider vinegar and understand it's own healing potential, this is an all-round fragrant and tasty choice. Contains: Apple cider vinegar, lemons, garlic, basil leaf, peppermint leaf, artichoke leaf, cinnamon bark and fennel seed.

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These liver rescue kitchen herbs are styled in the old European tradition of ëbittersí and designed for daily use alongside food. The plants are all organic and the result is vibrant, tasty and profoundly supportive to the liver as well as the digestive and immune systems.The herbs are different to other liver formula in that this liver rescue concentrate may be taken with prescriptive medication. This is a hugely important factor, as those on medication often need help cooling and decongesting the liver, as drugs innately make huge demands upon it, resulting in sluggishness and overheating.