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ibuyrealfood – the one stop virtual market for lovers of real food

Our objective - to be a major part of the developing new food chain, an alternative system aimed at increasing awareness and consumption of locally produced real food and drink.

To fulfil the increasing desire of consumers to know more about the seasonality and provenance of our food and how food and drink produced in a sustainable and ethical way using traditional methods is not only more nutritious, but a more wholesome and delicious experience that brings with it a host of benefits.

Benefits for all of us, our health, our families, our children, but more importantly the future of our communities and the environment.

In simple terms, reconnecting people to where good real food comes from and promote the idea of buying it directly from the people who produce it, the results:

  • More money spent and kept in the local economy
  • Creating opportunities for new jobs and small businesses
  • Generating fewer food miles and reducing food waste
  • Celebrating and promoting regional identity
  • Creating better access to fresh, healthy, affordable food
  • Creating greater choice
  • Providing a better financial return for food and drink producers
  • Creating a more viable environment for farmers, growers and food producers
  • Promoting better animal welfare
  • Promoting biodiversity
  • Promoting the care and protection of our indigenous flora and fauna and the countryside for future generations

ibuyrealfood - one small step towards changing the culture of food production, because everyone has the right to good, real food.