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The Herbalist's Kitchen and How It All Started

"The Herbalist's Kitchen" is a Company passionate about healing foods that are simple, tasty and nutritious. It is an off-shoot of the 30 year old Company, Herbs Hands Healing which is mainly concerned with medicinal herbs and the complexities that an herbal medicine entails.

"The Herbalist's Kitchen" has a simpler aim and it has its roots in a time before Jill Davies trained in horticulture at R.H.S. Wisley and the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. She was entirely absorbed with the vast botanical knowledge laid out before her as a student but also in the humble vegetables and more simply the roots, seeds, flowers and trees that could be used in salads, cooked with or used in a culinary fashion. Their collection, propagation, foraging in the garden and in the wild became not just a pursuit for a passionate student but in time, a way of life and a commitment to using nature and food, which has been part of her since then. It was later on that Jill trained in Herbal Medicine and joined her two passions.

A young Jill Davies

Good nutrition is the foundation to any healing process and even more simply a vital requirement for healthy growth both physically and mentally. The plant choices Jill often makes to encourage good nutrition are more frequently than not, non-exotic, grow commonly, are robust and easily accessible. The biochemistry is potent and their origins simple, ancient and strong.

"I remember digging up and making my first dish of wild carrot roots. It took ages, tasted like heaven and fed me both in mind and body, like no other carrot has ever since!"

Jill Davies

The thing about these kinds of plants is that they are often beautiful to look at (just imagine the noble artichoke foliage, dandelion flower and horseradish root), but are equally an intrinsic part of sustaining every single day. They are safe, suitable for most people from the young to elderly. There are no exact doses and no exclusions from being on medication. The profound and bedrock support they provide keeps us from getting sick and negates the need for more serious medications.

Years and years ago we knew so much more. Our ancient relatives regularly used a rotation of 200 plants species from varying seasons for taste indulgences, fun, needs and ills. In our modern world of narrowed down plant species, our exposure to varying biochemistry causes body instability. Lack of diverse phyto-chemistry and absence of variety makes the body slower, sicker and less vibrant. It makes us less able to negotiate modern ills in the absence of botanical variety. The answers are always simple and they are always out there, if only we put them in our mouths!

An olderJill Davies

"A good example is in the beautiful colours of flowers, leaves and blossoms that we so enjoy. They are all rich in anti-oxidants. An anti-oxidant is a flavanoid. The word flavanoid comes from the latin "flav"a or flame – of orange or yellow hue, which can also be lilac and burgundy purples. It turns out that it is these colours reflected in plants like blackcurrants, rosehips, grapes, carrots and so on that are rich in favanoids (anti-oxidants) and these are majorly useful anti-inflammatories and more. You see what I mean?"

Jill Davies

Well, 35 years later and Jill is still as excited about this subject as ever and wants to share this just as much as when she first discovered it all, which is why via "The Herbalists Kitchen", has some very intriguing products.