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Buffy's Mixed Case Bottled Beers

A mixed case of 12 x 500ml bottle beers.

3 x bottles of Norwegian Blue
3 x bottles of Bitter
3 x bottles of Polly's Folly
3 x bottles of Mucky Duck

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Deliver: Next day delivery by RDM couriers.

A mixed case of twelve bottled beers, an excellent opportunity to try four of

Buffy's best brews. Norwegian Blue, bursting with fruit, malt and caramel flavours, a rich satisfying pint. Bitter, a deep amber coloured bitter, a classic pint in the best tradition of craft brewing. Polly's Folly, fresh flowery aromas with underlying caramel notes, a traditional beer with superb balance. Mucky Duck, a traditional porter styled beer, slightly sweetish with a bitter hoppy edge, perfect for dark ale lovers.

These are bottle conditioned beers, which contain sediment. Following delivery, allow to stand for 24 hours, serve cool, never chilled, pour carefully and enjoy.

Shipping Description Deliver: Next day delivery by RDM couriers.