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Buffy's Norwich Terrier 3.6% ABV Buffys 72 Pint Cask Beer

Buffy's Norwich Terrier

The Norwich Terrier is a small lovable dog possessing a strong, sturdy body and a solid bite – just like the beer!

Buffy's Norwich Terrier is the lowest gravity beer in the range and is brewed using Halcyon and Marris Otter malts. The beer is flavoured with First Gold dwarf hops whilst Styrian and Mounthood hops add to the aroma.

Buffy's Mild 4.2% ABV Buffys 72 Pint Cask Beer

Buffy's Mild

Going back 50 years or so mild beer was considered the staple drink of beer lovers. Since those heydays 'bitter' has replaced less hoped beers as the preferred choice. But Mild beers are once again regaining popularity fot their distinctiveness in the flavour stakes. A blend of of Marris Otter and chocolate malts make for a satisfying pint.

Buffys Hopleaf 4.5% ABV Buffys 72 Pint Cask Beer

Buffy's Hopleaf

Paler in colour, this beer is brewed using a blend of the best quality larger malts with just a hint of Marris Otter to add depth of flavour. American Willamette and Mounthood hops add a slightly spicy aroma as they are added near the end of the boiling process. The bitterness is achieved by using best quality Herefordshire Fuggles and Goldings Hops.

For sales and information of Buffy's cask conditioned 72 pint cask beers, Norwich Terrier, Hopleaf and Mild, please contact us using the email facility or telephone on 01379 676523. Buffy's will be delighted to provide further information on drinks supply for larger quantities of beer and delivery can be organised direct to your door.

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