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Over a barrel – Guardian Article

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

The article on cost of house wine and who gets what, brought to mind a recent visit to southern Italy.

With my wife and a couple who are old travelling companions we were exploring the architectural and gastronomic delights of the south.

We had arrived in Lecce, in the late afternoon, having driven down from Matera where we had been staying in the Sassi. Refreshed and casually attired for dinner, we left the hotel to explore the city and find a suitable restaurant, when luckily we ran into the young lady who had checked us in, we asked her for a recommendation and she directed us to a small restaurant, that was conveniently, no more than 150 metres from the entrance to the hotel.

The restaurant specialised in authentic Salentine gastronomy, the food was delicious, the wine, they only served house wine, white or red was served by the glass,¼/½ or, litre carafe, there were four of us so we had a litre carafe of local white, it was excellent, so we indulged in another half a litre, but at this point you’re wondering how does this relate to the Guardian Article, well the wine, probably drawn from a demijohn or a barrel cost just 3.5 Euros, now that’s value, in fact I don’t think we spent more than 6 to 7 Euros for any of the local or house wines we drank during the whole  of our trip.

So when it comes to the cost of house wine in the UK and who gets what, whether its the price of wine, food, petrol,cars or bank loans, to say we are “over a barrel” is a bit of an understatement, more like poured into, corked up and rolled over would be a more apt description of the price we pay for most essentials in “rip or Britain”, compared to the rest of Europe.

Should you be in Lecce, looking for a ristorante tipico that serves a reasonably priced house wine, the Alle due Corti in the Corte dei Giugni is well worth a visit. The hotel, Suite 68, in the heart of Lecce’s historical district on the Via Leonardo Prato was a most enjoyable experience.

The Sassi, part of Matera is stunning a very spiritual place and should be in every body’s book of places to go and see before you die.

The Guradian article can be read here