The Asparagus season has arrived, our home grown season which is far too short, is already in full swing, so you need to get a move on, look out for signs on the road, farmers markets and farm shops all will have good supplies of locally grown asparagus.

By comparison imported asparagus available through out the year from supermarkets just doesn’t compare for flavour to the delicious experience of purchasing freshly cut asparagus directly from a local grower and simply steaming it until tender and serving with hot melted butter.

Asparagus is one of the most nutritious vegetable you can eat. Packed with a whole cocktail of nutrients and vitamins including large amounts of folic acid which is especially good for pregnant women as it protects against spina bifida in developing babies. Folic acid has to be taken daily as it can’t be stored in the body, Asparagus is also a good diuretic and does a great job of cleansing your liver.

Remember, for the best flavour, cook it as quickly as possible, as the sugars in asparagus turn to starch if its left hanging around in the fridge.

I get mine from Goddard’s Asparagus, a small producer just outside the village of Redrave, on Fen Street, on the edge of the Lopham and Redgrave Fen on the Norfolk Suffolk border.



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